The Solution

Protecting your blockchain assets is a constant manual process. If you are a business you have to monitor your clients, partners and staff as well as maintain accurate records to show real due diligence. If you are an individual you must ensure the services and entities you transact with are legitimate and have no ties to illicit activities.

From Front Line Staff To The CEO

Procedures and response protocols are needed for all access levels of your businesses blockchain exposure. Social engineering has always been the basis of most cyber 'hacks' and the blockchain has become saturated with bad actors trying to gain access to your assets. They will attempt to gain access to critical infrastructure by any means. We provide solutions for this.

Compliance With Regulators

Regulations have finally come to decentralized finance and digital assets. This also means compliance and highly accurate record keeping showing adequate due diligence. With our tools and integrity regarding data accuracy we can provide you with compliance frameworks tailored to your business needs.

Transaction Monitoring

With our transaction monitoring solutions we are ready to take care of your risk analysis and illicit exposure requirements. Maintaining your due diligence records by providing the necessary reports on your entire business ecosystem or determining the source or destination of suspicious addresses for SAR's reports, keeping you and your business compliant.