Cryptegridy Blockchain Security

Our blockchain security expertise and unique methods mixed with our collaborative efforts effectively enable us to help reduce criminals on the blockchain before a successful attack.

Trigger Response

Your Ongoing Solution for Regulatory Due Diligence.

As a crypto asset exchange provider, custodian wallet provider, or DAO, ongoing due diligence is critical for ensuring regulatory compliance and minimizing AML/CTF risks.
We provide a comprehensive and continuous solution for your on-chain transaction monitoring needs.
We investigate the cause of any automated transaction alerts, providing a thorough analysis of the transaction and its associated risks. Our reports accurately track the source of funds, exposure to illicit activities, and the movement of assets, including exchanges and service providers.
We also identify and eliminate false positives quickly to minimize disruptions to normal business operations.
If you don't have a transaction monitoring tool in place, we can provide one for you.
With Trigger Response, you can ensure ongoing regulatory compliance and fulfil your due diligence obligations with confidence.

DAO Diligence

The Key to Decentralized Regulatory Compliance

Prepare for future regulations with our enhanced due diligence solution for venture capitalists investing in DAOs or decentralized entities.
We determine if the entity is in fact truly Decentralized and Autonomous. Our custom approach incorporates advanced verification methods to deliver a thorough risk assessment of DAO entities.
We evaluate their status as cryptoasset exchange providers or custodian wallets, source of funding, corporate structure and ownership, access controls, and management, as well as perform extensive employee background checks for AML/CTF and PEP/sanctions exposure.
Our vigilant transaction monitoring detects suspicious activity and our diligent record keeping ensures complete compliance with future UK regulations. Trust in DAO Diligence to reinforce your compliance and secure your investments with the highest level of verification.

Victim Support

Crowdsourced Solutions for Online Fraud Victims.

If you have fallen victim to online fraud or criminal activities on the blockchain, you are not alone. Victims are left feeling helpless and vulnerable.
We empower victims through comprehensive support. Our team has a deep understanding of criminal tactics and is dedicated to providing effective assistance to those in need.
We leverage our expertise in the field to quickly identify and resolve issues, giving you the peace of mind you need to move forward.
Our method leverages the power of crowdsourcing to provide a supportive environment where you can connect with others who have faced similar experiences and find the answers you need to recover and regain control.
Trust in our compassionate approach and our comprehensive understanding of criminal tactics. We are committed to helping you overcome the emotional toll of being a victim of fraud and take the first step towards realistic solutions.

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