Decentralized Launchpad

DxSale were the first autonomous initial coin offering platform in the decentralized space. With the ecosystem being autonomous the staff at DxSale have no centralized control and can not interfere with any listing made. The problem this causes is that anyone can list a coin offering. With the space filed by malicious actors there are many attempts to raise funds with the intention to defraud the investors. Unlike other platforms the DxSale team do not condone this and actively warn the community if a fraudulent listing is detected, as partners we also do our part by informing the community of such listings and preventing victims.

We chose to partner with DxSale because of their commitment to remaining a decentralized autonomous platform while also having a zero tolerance stance on malicious actors and putting the community before profits. DxSale are still one of the few truly decentralized autonomous systems available in decentralized finance, giving the power to the people to make their own financial decisions. We support this vision and work with DxSale and team to achieve this.