We choose our partners carefully and ensure that our goals align when it comes to security and preventing malicious actors across all blockchains.

Trust In a Decentralized World

Through our partnership we offer an exclusive service to CryptoAsset exchange providers, custodian wallet providers, DAOs and Venture Capitalists. Along with other tools in our arsenal GBG enables us to assess the world of decentalized finance off-chain. Being able to conduct due diligence off-chain on decentralized entities is just as important as your on-chain due diligence.

Collaboration Is Vital

We take pride in collaborating with all entities involved in eliminating malicious actors. Using the same tools as law enforcement to conduct blockchain investigations we maintain regular contact with all law enforcement both domestic and international in order to create actionable reports. Regular communication with regulatory bodies to ensure up to date compliance measures. Working with law firms to conduct due diligence compliance, civil litigation and provide victim support. Collaborating with centralized exchanges during investigations and to alert them of illicit assets they have received.

Data protection

Registered Data Protection Officer

Client Testimonial

All our clients remain anonymous for their own safety although are available to verify the testimonial through private connection from CrypTegridy.

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