Why We Choose To Work With GBG

Building Trust In A Decentralized World

When we started our journey towards a safer, more secure blockchain we knew eliminating illicit actors would take more than simply gathering blockchain data, we needed to add extra layers to our protocols in order to properly shield our clients from illicit activities. GBG became one of those layers by providing unique tools tailored for our specific needs.

We chose GBG because they have been global specialists in digital identity for over 30 years, combined with GBG's ethics towards creating trust in a digital world. They continue to be industry leaders when it come to tackling money laundering, terrorist financing and all other illicit funding categories.

How We Utilize GBG's Tools


They enable us to mitigate risk by identifying illicit actors before interacting with them financially, adding an extra layer to our on-chain analysis.


Increasing the layers involved in our CDD protocols, giving us the ability to conduct KYC, KYB reports on decentralized entities like DAOs and VASPs.


Regulations and staying compliant is essential when it comes to digital assets, we manage this so our clients can focus on growth.