Customer Review

Our client was a victim of cross border organized fraud and international money laundering. They were targeted after searching for Bitcoin on google and had incoming phone calls soon after offering investment broker services. When it came to withdrawing assets there were a series of follow up scams. This case is ongoing so if you have been a victim of illicit actors from the entities OrbitGTM of The AML Association then reach out to us.


I, or rather my company, have been exposed to an extensive and cunning form of fraud on a very large scale. We are talking about the fact that we have been defrauded of an amount in the order of EUR 500,000 in connection with investments in currency and bitcoin investments.

In this connection, Darren from CrypTegridy has proven to be an extremely experienced, thorough and highly skilled investigator. Darren has been able to uncover the entire fraud process and to prepare a very professional documentation for the police authorities in a number of countries for further investigation. I can therefore strongly recommend Darren as an investigator in Bitcoin and cybercrime cases and if anyone is interested in a more detailed explanation, I can be contacted by agreement with and via CrypTegridy.

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